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Proxy sites that are able to play videos from:

are popular these days in Pakistan, but it is a lose situation for proxy webmasters, due to the traffic is not beneficial for click point ads.  There has been a large gain of Pakistani’s embracing proxy websites to bypass sites such as the ones listed above, not including Facebook, etc…  With porn websites being on the list of sites being blocked due to the  “Pakistan Internet Exchange”, large percentages of proxy generated web traffic now flowing out of Pakistan. Web proxy sites have always been popular with China, but looking at most of the stats, it seems that Pakistan is giving China a run for their money.

With such low payments for these clicks, how long before proxy sites start doing the one thing that the community is built around? Blocking access to internet freedom due to 0.00 CPM’s…

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The Pakistan Internet Exchange (PIE), operated by the state-owned Pakistan Telecommunication Company Ltd (PTCL), was created to facilitate the exchange of Internet traffic between ISPs within and outside of Pakistan. Because the majority of Pakistan’s Internet traffic is routed through the PIE (98% of Pakistani ISPs used the PIE in 2004), it provides a means to monitor and possibly block incoming and outgoing Internet traffic as the government deems fit.

We are proud to announce that we have added Virus Blocking to our Proxy Sites. Though, most reputable sites are virus free, there are some smaller sites that have been targeted by hackers and the webmaster never knows that their sites are delivering viruses.  Our proxy sites also block those sites that are put up to intentionally distribute viruses as well.  Browse on us, virus and privacy free!

See a list of our virus blocking proxy sites here: