The folks over at have released some Porn Proxy Sites today. We were able to make contact with the company, and this is what they had to say for the reason of the new Proxy Sites.

There have been reports that the famous site is being blocked by some countries, Video Proxies, LLC stated, so we wanted to launch some new proxies just in case.  We have not seen anyone country that has actually blocked, but to take action, we decided to launch new sites today. If it does get blocked, with over a 150k email subscribers, our Facebook followers, and Proxy Toolbar, it would not take long for us to get the word out anyway of the new proxy sites…

The new Porn Proxy Sites that were released today are:

As always, we have tested these new porn proxy sites, they are just the same as the original, able to play any video or movie site there is on the net.

Enjoy the new porn proxy sites, that the folks over at Video Proxies, LLC are kind enough to supply.  These will allow us to proxy porn for sometime to come.


New Web Proxy for Tube Sites:

The folks over at have released a new proxy today.  I had the chance to test it out, soon after I received the email from their subscribing list.  The new proxy released is and it is similar to their already famous proxy,  I have tested the new site with some of the most favorite Adult Porn Sites, such as,, and had no problem playing any videos from this porn tube sites.

The owner of has become on of my most favorited proxy webmasters that is providing fast free web proxy sites that work with video porn.  There are many worthless proxy sites out there, but I have not found one that has not released that has not been able to play videos on adult sites or even youtube.



Best Porn Proxy successfully moved from Canada to Kansas City, MO last night. is also becoming one of the most popular, best and fastest proxy sites.  With the ability to unblock and play any adult site, including YouTube! is only 3 months old and has a returning visitor base of over 900 visitors a day, would you say that they are doing something right?

We have tested the site today, and it is really, really fast now for a proxy site. We asked the owner of has anything changed?  The owner stated:

Due to the visitors each day, we had to upgrade the hardware once again that the proxy site runs on.  Currently it is running on a Dual Quad Core 3.2 server with 24GB of Ram, but we see in the near future that we will have to split the sites onto multiple of servers.  The internet traffic is also getting unbearable for just one server, so plans are already being made in order to build the new infrastructure for ProxyVideo.  Our plans is to always stay ahead of the curve on our visitor base, but is costing lots of money due to our visitor base love videos. is a unique proxy and is cared for with pride, after talking with the owner of the site. He is doing everything he can for all visitors to enjoy their visit to this video based proxy. Not to mention, that it works better for Facebook than any other proxy site on the web. Making the best porn proxy on the internet today.

We found a video that someone made about on YouTube. For those of you that are not able to watch porn based videos or youtube videos, here is a great video that shows how ProxyVideo works.

Here are some of the sites that we have tested with,,,, and many more, they all worked flawlessly

Visit today.




We have released another new quality Porn Video Proxy. is a porn video proxy that is able to play all adult video sites such as XNXX, PornHub, XHamster,, YouPorn and more! We have been working on this proxy site release for about a week now, getting the server ready and putting the final touches on the proxy site itself.

We have officially launched today for your enjoyment, so enjoy.

XXX Proxy

Blocked or restricted from visiting a porn site?  There are many of sites that will help unblock video porn sites. Sites such as will allow you to unblock all popular adult sites. The technique is rather simple.  When visit, there is a browser box presented in the middle of the site. Type in your favorite porn site url and then hit submit.  Once you hit submit, the proxy video will then grab the contents of the adult site and basically downloads the content to their servers and presents the content from their servers to you.

So many have asked how to unblock porn sites is how.



We have decided to move all of our working Video Proxies to a new site that will make it easier for us to maintain.  Instead of the current Video Proxy sites that we have been using, the monetization of the sites have been very poor, so in order to keep our proxies alive, the list of the Video Proxy sites are now located at

All proxy sites listed on this site will be removed and if you are looking for great proxy sites that are able to play videos, please go to the above site for your video surfing enjoyment.

XXX Proxy

XXX Proxy Network has made a decision today, that we will begin blocking traffic coming from Pakistan.  This week we tried out exoclick publisher, where we sent over 1000 clicks from Pakistan Visitors to other sites, bringing in an income of 1 cent for these referrals.  The decision has been made, as it is not feasible to sustain the bandwidth for low earnings.  We do apologize to our Pakistan visitors.  This will take affect immediately.

We will be replacing the backend servers for and the current will be replaced by  Mercury will have a lot more horse power, so the proxy pages will load a lot faster. Mercury will also be hosted off of a 1Gbps port, so the bandwidth should be fine. server will remain online for backup reasons after this change.

This will be the upcoming changes for our porn proxies for the week.

XXX Proxy

Proxy sites that are able to play videos from:

are popular these days in Pakistan, but it is a lose situation for proxy webmasters, due to the traffic is not beneficial for click point ads.  There has been a large gain of Pakistani’s embracing proxy websites to bypass sites such as the ones listed above, not including Facebook, etc…  With porn websites being on the list of sites being blocked due to the  “Pakistan Internet Exchange”, large percentages of proxy generated web traffic now flowing out of Pakistan. Web proxy sites have always been popular with China, but looking at most of the stats, it seems that Pakistan is giving China a run for their money.

With such low payments for these clicks, how long before proxy sites start doing the one thing that the community is built around? Blocking access to internet freedom due to 0.00 CPM’s…

Source WikiPedia Below

The Pakistan Internet Exchange (PIE), operated by the state-owned Pakistan Telecommunication Company Ltd (PTCL), was created to facilitate the exchange of Internet traffic between ISPs within and outside of Pakistan. Because the majority of Pakistan’s Internet traffic is routed through the PIE (98% of Pakistani ISPs used the PIE in 2004), it provides a means to monitor and possibly block incoming and outgoing Internet traffic as the government deems fit.

We are proud to announce that we have added Virus Blocking to our Proxy Sites. Though, most reputable sites are virus free, there are some smaller sites that have been targeted by hackers and the webmaster never knows that their sites are delivering viruses.  Our proxy sites also block those sites that are put up to intentionally distribute viruses as well.  Browse on us, virus and privacy free!

See a list of our virus blocking proxy sites here: